Remote Access

Download the pcvisit Viewer now and allow us to assist you in solving technical issues through remote access – no matter where you are located.

We visit you virtually via remote access.

Our team can visit you virtually and have a close look at the problem – just as when we were next to you. Your screen contents will be transferred by internet while we are talking to each other by phone. With your permission we can remotely control your keyboard and mouse, too.

Data processing contract

In order to be able to help you remotely, we need you to sign an order agreement.

During remote support screen contents of our customer are sent to CONTEMPLAS. Therefore the supporting person is able to view personal data which is stored on the customer’s computer and is also able to edit this data (which is not necessary most of the time).

In this case the European laws (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) require a contract for data processing.

  • You (the CONTEMPLAS customer) are the Controller
  • CONTEMPLAS is the Processor

Please fill in the first page, sign it and send it to CONTEMPLAS by e-mail:

We have committed our employees in writing to handle the data carefully and in accordance with the GDPR.
In addition, we have introduced a “remote support policy” that describes the most important rules for our support personnel. This document can be found in the appendix of the contract.

We ask for your understanding that remote support can only be done after signing the contract.        

Download the viewer software - pcvisit

Kunden-Modul pcvisit Support 15.0 starten

  • Remote control can only start with your permission.
  • You may close the connection at any time.
  • Please enter the connection number in the pcvisit field which will be given to you by our support employee on the phone.
  • An existing internet connection is necessary for the remote access. For reasons of speed, we recommend a DSL- connection. All session data is transmitted encrypted.
  • Our experts will work together with you to find the right solution.