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TEMPLO® Sprint Start Analysis

Kinematic and dynamic analysis of the sprint start

The mobile diagnostic system for optimising sprint start movement for performance diagnostics, technical analysis and feedback training.
Benefit from our user-friendly software, capturing and analysing all relevant force and data to draw detailed conclusions about your athletes sprint performance.


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Analyse biomechanics holistically

Collect and combine precise kinematic data in the TEMPLO® software and use it for a holistic biomechanical sprint (start) analysis of your athlete.

  • 3D forces: An instrumented start block measures the forces occurring during the start phases.
  • Motion visualisation: The kinematic analysis is performed with high-resolution, high-speed cameras.
  • Time measurement: The evaluation of the time parameters is carried out via video-based time measurement or via an integrated light barrier system.

Make results visible

Use the comprehensive reference database to compare the performances of your athletes and benefit from numerous display options for all performance-relevant parameters.

  • Reference data from over 100 professional sprint athletes.
  • Data are immediately available after analysis
  • Automatic report generation
  • Data export for analysts

Fast and easy handling

  • High flexibility with the mobile transport case
  • Quick setup in just a few steps:
    Unpack | Position cameras and start block | Connect to TEMPLO® | Start
  • Integrated starting mechanism with acoustic start signal

Sprint Start Analysis in use


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System for Sprint Start Analysis

CONTEMPLAS Sprint Start Analysis offers you all possibilities. From simple recording to precise time and force data acquisition. 
Do you need help with the selection? Contact us. 


TEMPLO® Sprint Start Analysis includes the following components:

Software [1]
Sprint start block with 3D force sensors [2]
A/D Converter card
5m Connection cable
Audio signal box [3]
Transport case [4] Dimensions L: 94cm, B: 64cm, H: 24cm

Notebook or PC [5] 
High – speed cameras [6]
Light barriers