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TEMPLO® Performance Analysis

Increase the performance of your athletes in training, competition and therapy

With our analysis system you can easily and quickly analyse significant video and force data of the well-known biomechanical performance tests.


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Evaluate the high-speed strength performance of your athletes.

  • Use the predefined analysis schemes for the three most important jump tests – Squat Jump | Counter Movement Jump | Drop Jump – and receive an automatic evaluation directly after the jump.
  • Choose the strength parameters relevant to you from a selection of over 100 parameters.
  • Check and optimise the movement with joint angle curves and the movement curves visualised in the video.
  • Test athlete by athlete of a whole team quickly and evaluate the data afterwards


Analyse your athlete`s balance ability and give immediate feedback.

  • Track the CoP (Centre of Pressure) on the force plate during a wide range of movements
  • Detect static and dynamic imbalances and identify faulty evasive movements
  • Get fast & easy colour feedback for out of tolerance areas


Determine the neuromuscular performance of your athlete based on:

  • Speeds & contact times
  • Frequency measurements
  • Reactivity

Discover new features

A new analysis design for TEMPLO® Performance Analysis with markerless tracking is now available on request. Benefit from the latest feautres.

Predefined analysis templates (dashboard) in TEMPLO® allows you to evaluate a recording quickly and easily. The recorded and generated data is automatically displayed.

Record (track) movements in the TEMPLO® Performance Analysis completely without markers (markerless). The joint centres and body segments are automatically recognised and tracked. The tracking coordinates are available for each body point.

Display a calculated/measured analysis parameter from the table, individually and in large view in the dashboard. In this way, it can be recognized on the screen even from a greater distance and used for quick feedback.

With the report function you can individually choose between 3 types of reports. The analysis data entered in the video is retained during export.

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It’s up to you: Decide between a stationary setup, e.g. in your laboratory, or a mobile system with maximum flexibility.


Avoid the annoying sticking or slipping of reflective markers. The new markerless tracking saves you valuable analysis time with the highest measurement accuracy. With just one click, you receive your tracking data for further processing after the recording process.


Combine your video recordings with other measuring devices and get comprehensive and precise analysis data at a glance for advising your athlete or patient. Connect…


All analysis results are available in digital form, video or as a printed report and can be further processed, compared or forwarded without any problems.

Performance Analysis in use

Sporthomed, Pfronten

Jump analysis is used to detect incorrect movement sequences in sports with jump and landing phases. With our divisible force plate, left-right comparisons can be made in addition to two-legged force analyses.

VfB Stuttgart 1893 AG - Young talent performance center, Stuttgart

The TEMPLO® performance analysis is used to create the conditional and coordinative profile of young professional footballers as part of performance diagnostics and the selection of test players. The mobile jumping strength analysis system with dual force plate and notebook enables fast and flexible measurement of all relevant jumping and mobility tests.

VSPC-Vienna Sportsphysiotherapy & Performance Center

With the synchronous recording of 2 high-speed cameras from different perspectives it´s possible to control and evaluate the motion quality of the jumps in all levels. With the help of the analysis parameters, training contents can be adjusted and performances can be optimized.


By using multiple high-speed cameras, force plate and sensor-based technology, contact times, speed and athlete reactivity can be measured when analysing jumping and other sport-specific movements.


Analysis packages

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Dual force plate [1]
Software [2]


Dual force plate [1]
Notebook [3]
1 Camera & component parts [4]

Classic Plus

Dual force plate [1]
Software [2]
Notebook or Desktop PC [3]
2 Cameras & component parts [4]

Add ons

Transport case [5]
Counter [6]
Frame [7]
Calibration chart
Lighting package