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TEMPLO® Swimming Analysis

Precise Swimming Analysis for top performance

The video-based swimming analysis system offers you a detailed analysis of your athletes’ swimming performance. Our practical solution has been specially developed to achieve objective results in both swimming training and performance diagnostics.


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Technique Analysis

Start- and Turn Anaylsis

Race Analysis

Feedback Training

Optimise technique

Increase the technical quality of swimming movements and decide with how much energy and how fast the target is reached.

  • The frame-by-frame analysis of technical elements and complete swimming movements
  • Above and under water analysis
  • The view from different perspectives
  • The evaluation and comparison of the video data 
  • The identification of performance limiting factors

Start and turn better

Use the TEMPLO® SWIMMING ANALYSIS to improve the athlete`s starting and turning manoeuvres and race times.

  • Capture start and turn maneuvers above and under water
  • Get kinematic and dynamic results within seconds
  • Use the reported parameters to increase start and turn performance step by step  

Analyse races

You want to analyse races professionally? The TEMPLO® SWIMMING RACE ANALYSIS provides you with accurate information on timing, stroke frequencies and breathing patterns, and allows you to make statements about race tactics:

  • Record your races or import existing video files
  • Analyse relevant subsections by following the predefined workflows 
  • Select and report your relevant parameters
  • Collect data for long-term studies in the organized database 

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Feedback quickly

Use our system to give immediate advice to the swimmer and adjust incorrect movement patterns immediately. Through continuous reflexion the athlete can achieve quick improvements in their movement.

  • Provide immediate feedback directly from the pool edge
  • See more and analyse better with a “live third eye” underwater
  • Use delayed camera views to provide instant feedback and self reflection

Customers who trust in us

“We use the Swimming Performance Analysis system with the national team of the DBS e.V. and with prospects from the national A- and B-Pool on site. All of our requirements, starting with simple video feedback training up to complex performance analysis for starts and turn, but also the qualitative analysis of the cyclical movement, are fulfilled. The integrated database offers extensive capabilities to record and compare development of athletes purposefully in the long run. On our way to Rio 2016 the system was a regular feature of our performance diagnostics.”

Phillip Semechin – Coach – Olympiastützpunkt Berlin

Swimming Analysis in use


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Aberdeen Sports Village

The indoor swimming pool in Aberdeen was equipped with a complete system for kinematic and kinetic analysis of the swimmers. The high-end system of 28 cameras offers unique analysis possibilities with up to 4 recording perspectives. An instrumented starting block with integrated force plates allows a deep insight into the swimmer's starting behaviour.

Swiss Swimming, Tenero-Contra

The highly mobile swim analysis system allows analyses independent of the training location and a versatile use. The quantitative and parameter-based analysis results create the basis for comparing and objectively evaluating movement and time analyses.

Flemish Swimming Federation, Antwerp

In order to be able to analyse the start and turn of the swimmers in detail, a versatile and holistic analysis system for performance diagnostics for training and competition was developed. The Swimming Performance Analysis allows a fast availability of the analysis data due to a simple workflow, reduced time expenditure for data processing and less equipment.


Analysis packages

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2 Cam Package

The mobile analysis system of two cameras offers a maximum of application possibilities:
Choose between above and underwater camera positions and static or dynamic application.

5 Cam Package

Analyse start and turn up to 15 meters and determine all relevant parameters of the most important sections. Realtime view, delayed feedback and precise post-session analysis help coaches and athletes to improve their swimming technique and performance.

10 Cam Package

Transform your pool into a performance diagnostics center. The 10 camera setup allows endless professional swimming analysis up to 50 meters. Observe the long-term data acquisition and evaluate the performance development and training success.