The automatic markerless solution for your analysis. For efficient and objective running analysis.*

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| 2D & 3D



| 2D Analysis

Record the running style of your athlete or customer without markers and benefit from intelligent and fast data acquisition and evaluation.
Evaluate the automatically generated joint angles and assess the movement of the anatomical reference points which are overlayd on the video image. 

| 3D - Running analysis at the highest level

By integrating additional cameras, you can analyse the running movement in 3D. The fully automatic evaluation of the analysis provides comprehensive results on all relevant running parameters. 

| Save analysis time

The fully automated motion capture gives you the possibility to record all relevant motion data within a few minutes without markers. Save valuable analysis time and gain measurement accuracy. With a single click, the processed tracking data from your recorded running analysis is displayed. 

| Make results visible

Use our TEMPLO® software to visualise the analysis results for your athletes and patients. Present your results immediately after recording with the help of our analysis tools. Export videos and create predesigned or customised reports to share with athletes, clients, coaches or therapists.

| Analyse comprehensively

Expand your analysis with additional measurement data from force plates, EMG and complementary timing methods and obtain a comprehensive biomechanical view of your athletes and clients individual running style.

| Discover new features

The analysis parameters of the running analysis can now be displayed as time-normalized data over the running cycle.

The automatic person and running direction detection can identify the change of running direction (e.g. treadmill reverse) during recording.

Choose from different templates to customise the display and use the new text field to add notes, comments or findings to the analysis. In this way you can create a clear analysis report for your clients.

Benefit from our new “automatic report function” and have report pages created automatically directly after the analysis.

Export the analysis data directly from the dashboard view. Via a drop-down menu you have the possibility to select different data individually, which should be exported. The data can be exported to Excel, for example.


Running Analysis System

TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS offers you all possibilities. From simple recording to markerless tracking. 
Do you need help with the selection? Contact us. 


The TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS consists of the following components:

2 Highspeed Cameras [1]
Notebook or PC with software [2]

Treadmill with integrated pressure measurement [3+4]
OptoGait [5]
EMG [6]
Lighting system [7]
Calibration board [8]


Customers who trust us


Running analysis in use

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Laufsport Saukel, Kempten

The TEMPLO® software offers unique analysis possibilities, as up to 4 perspectives of the runner can be recorded. In order to identify the causes of complaints and deficits in running style, the movement data is broken down into individual biomechanical elements such as angles and running cycles.

Laufsport Gralki, Wangen

In order to be able to analyse the running style from an economical and orthopedic point of view, two digital high-speed cameras are used to film synchronously from behind and from the side. Our software provides a profound insight into the running style of the athlete by playing back the recordings in slow motion and markerless tracking.

Movilo, Munich

The TEMPLO® running analysis offers a systematic investigation of the runner's posture and movement based on video analysis. The biomechanical data obtained makes a decisive contribution to the rehabilitation of running injuries and the detection of uneconomic movement patterns.


By using multiple cameras in combination with pressure distribution measurement and EMG, joint loads and movements in orthopaedic patients and athletes can be precisely analysed and interpreted.

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