An Electromyography (EMG) measurement provides you with meaningful data about the activity of individual muscles or muscle groups during a movement.
Together with the synchronous video image, this gives you a more detailed insight into a wide range of movements.


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Record and analyse EMG data quickly and easily with the TEMPLO® Software

For a wide range of requirements - the choice is yours!

For the measurement of muscle activity we offer you the possibility to integrate different EMG devices into your measurement system.

Size / Weight

The weight and size of the EMG device determine the subject’s freedom of movement and thus also the quality of movement execution.
Weight range: 7 – 14 g

© Delsys Trigno Avanti Sensor

Battery life

A long battery life EMG device ensures successful use and thus also the reliability of the measurement results.
Range battery life: 4 – 12h

© menios miniWave

Number of channels

The number of channels determines the number of muscles that can be measured simultaneously.
Range EMG channels: 1-32 channels

© cometa WavePlus Receiver

In addition to our technology partners, you also have the option of integrating other EMG systems on request.

With the analysis systems of CONTEMPLAS you can record the muscle activity during different movements synchronously to the video.

menios GmbH

TEMPLO® gait analysis in combination with EMG measurements provides a systematic examination of the gait pattern based on video analysis. The biomechanical data obtained provide an important contribution to the rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries and the detection of uneconomic movement patterns.

Dr. Kerstin Lauer

High-speed video recordings can be used to examine posture in detail during the different phases of the gait and running cycle and to evaluate important performance and injury parameters, such as leg axis stability during gait or running loading.


By using multiple cameras in combination with pressure distribution measurement and EMG, joint loads and movements in orthopaedic patients and athletes can be precisely analysed and interpreted.

We will find your suitable EMG system for you.