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TEMPLO® Functional Screening

The professional solution for your analysis in functional training

The software provides you with appropriate test protocols for the most established functional screening tests: FMS™, Y- Test and BASES.*


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Use the 7 fundamental movement patterns of the FMS™ test in the field of athletics and functional training to detect deficits and differences in complex movement patterns. 

  • Identify compensatory movements
  • Evaluate the movement quality
  • Assess movement performance using a predefined rating system: 0-3 points
  • Optimise inefficient movement patterns 


Test your athlete’s dynamic balance in a one-legged stance with the further development of the scientifically evaluated Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT). The results in relation to leg length and in symmetry comparison support you in return-to-sport decisions.

  • Identify dynamic balance deficits
  • Identify limitations and asymmetries
  • Benefit from the simple setup and ease of use


Use the basic clinical tests to check the basic musculoskeletal functionality of your athletes.  Focus on posture, mobility and active movement control.

  • Evaluate posture
  • Detect physiological limitations
  • Improve performance

Functional Screening in use


Functional Screening System

Our TEMPLO® FUNCTIONAL SCREENING Packages offer a solution for all requirements. Do you need help with the selection? Contact us. 


The TEMPLO® FUNCTIONAL SCREENING Package consists of the following components:

2 Cameras [1]
Notebook or PC with TEMPLO® Software [2+3]
Lighting system[4]

Measuring terminal [5]
Positioning mat [6]
Calibration boards [7]

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