Pressure Measurement Devices

Learn more about pressure distribution during a movement

Learn more about pressure distribution

during a movement

By using Pressure Measurement Devices synchronized with the video, you can obtain meaningful data about the load distribution on the sole of the foot at any time of a movement. 


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pressure distribution data


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Pressure distribution measuring devices

A wide range of applications - the choice is yours!

For your individual pressure measurement, we offer you the possibility of integrating a wide variety of pressure distribution measuring devices into your analysis system:

| Pressure distribution plates

Pressure distribution measuring systems in plate form are available as a stand-alone solution for mobile use or permanently installed

  • Stance-, Roll-off-, Gait analysis
  • Secure movement performance on solid ground
  • Number of measured movement cycles depends on the length of the measuring plate
  • Pressure measurement plates (Zebris) extendable up to 6m
| Pressure distribution treadmill

Pressure distribution treadmills allow comprehensive monitoring of movements on the treadmill through integrated pressure sensors.

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  • Stance-, Roll-off-, Gait analysis
  • Uniform movement possible
  • Adjustable movement speed
  • Measurement of several movement cycles in succession
| Pressure distribution soles

Insoles with integrated sensor technology are available for analysing the pressure distribution inside the shoe.

  • All movements are possible 
  • Wireless
  • Measurement of pressure distribution inside the shoe

Our Technology partner

Pressure distribution systems

in use

With CONTEMPLAS analysis systems, you can record pressure distribution data for a wide range of measurements synchronously with the video.

footpower, Gießen

footpower uses gait analysis with an integrated pressure measurement plate to analyse the gait pattern for dysbalances or instabilities. In this way, functional deficits and incorrect movement patterns can be visualised and a high-quality insole fitting can be guaranteed.

Orthopädisches Spital, Speising

By using multiple cameras in combination with pressure distribution measurement and EMG, joint loads and complex gait disorders can be precisely analysed and interpreted.


ORTHO SPORTS LAB additionally records measurement data to the video recordings in the running analysis. With the integrated pressure distribution measurement and EMG sensors, they gain insights into the rolling behaviour, force capacity and muscle activation of relevant muscles and make it possible to identify possible deficits and dysbalances.

Hessingpark-Clinic, Augsburg

With the upgrade in gait and walking analysis through markerless tracking and a pressure distribution treadmill, the finest deviations, muscular weak points and possible compensation patterns become visible.

We will find YOUR pressure distribution analysis system for you.