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TEMPLO® Retail Running Analysis

Professional analysis for a quick and personalised shoe recommendation

Digitise your running shoe consultation with an analysis station for an objective running shoe analysis. With just one camera, you can record the knee and foot position as well as the running and rolling behaviour of your customer quickly and efficiently.

With the TEMPLO® Retail Running Analysis, we support you as a running sports provider in advising and selecting the optimal running shoe.


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Our smart solution for you

Use the smart and quick workflow of the new analysis scheme of TEMPLO® Retail Running Analysis :

  1. Start with automatic client assignment by using the RFID wristband.
  2. Let your customers start the recording themselves by pressing the attached buzzer.
  3. Afterwards, the customer runs over the pressure measurement plate with the selected running shoe.
  4. The recording is transferred to the analysis station via the RFID wristband
  5. Finally, the running style and pressure distribution are analysed.

Fast & easy

With our TEMPLO® RETAIL RUNNING ANALYSIS, you can advise your customers on the perfect running shoe in just 3 steps.

  1. Record your customers barefoot on the treadmill from the dorsal view.
  2. Make a pre-selection of shoes based on foot, leg and pelvic statics and record the running behavior for each of these shoe models. 
  3. Compare up to 6 different running shoe models with each other at the same time.

Visualise & Compare

Compare different recordings synchronously with each other to determine differences in the running and rolling movement. Visualise the differences objectively by displaying e.g. angle or crosswires in the analysis view. 

  • Compare barefoot recordings with the running shoe which is currently in use.
  • Compare barefoot recordings with two, three or five other running shoe models. 

Recommend data-based

Offer your customer individual running shoe advice and support your analysis with objective data. Use TEMPLO® as a professional consulting basis to recommend the right shoe to your customer immediately. With our TEMPLO® software you make the results of the analysis visible for your customer. Give your customer the finished report as a video, e-mail or printout.

Analyse comprehensively

Extend your analysis with the TEMPLO® Running Analysis to get a comprehensive biomechanical view of your client’s individual running style.


Retail Running Analysis in use

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Retail Running Analysis System

The TEMPLO® RETAIL RUNNING ANALYSIS for a quick and professional shoe recommendation.
Together we will find the perfect solution and the ideal shoe to suit your customer’s running style.
Do you need helpt with the selection? Contact us. 


The TEMPLO® RETAIL RUNNING ANALYSIS consists of the following components:

1 High speed Camera [1]
Notebook or PC with software [2]

Treadmill or running track with/ without integrated pressure measurement [3+4]
Additional analysis station with notebook/ PC for parallel running shoe consultation [2]
Customer controlled buzzer to start the recording [5].
RFID – wristband for intelligent and individualized customer consulting [6]
Calibration panel [7]
Lighting system [8]