with Steffen Rodefeld, Dipl.- Sports Scientist (Therapy/ Training, Hessingpark-Clinic, Augsburg)

We had the opportunity to speak with sports scientist Steffen Rodefeld about the use of TEMPLO® Gait and Running Analysis:

How do you integrate the TEMPLO® Gait and Running Analysis into training and therapy?
For holistic diagnostics, Gait and Running Analysis is prescribed by the treating physicians in addition to imaging procedures (such as MRI, X-ray). In this way not only can pain be localized, but also can its cause be found.

What added value does the use of the system offer you?
By the use of the video-based gait and walking analysis system, functional disorders can be identified more quickly and follow-up treatments (prescription of e.g. insoles etc.) can be determined. The useful visualization possibilities of the software allow a better communication with the patient: Using videos and graphics, diagnoses can be illustrated to the patient and thus explained more easily.

What is your favorite feature in TEMPLO® Gait and Running Analysis?
Firstly the automatic angle display in every image: with markerless tracking, the angles can be displayed automatically in every image. This means that you can no longer just determine the angles at individual points in time, but are shown the continuous angle progression.
Secondly the cyclized visualization of the individual data: With the help of the determination of footprint and lift the steps can be normalized and the angular data can be displayed in a cyclized manner. This makes it easy to compare individual steps and patterns become visible.