The running season is just around the corner!

Laufschuhanalyse auf Tartanbahn

Be a part of our TEMPLO® Running Analysis family!
Whether it´s finding the right running shoe for your customer or analysing running technique professionally in sports and medical fields, CONTEMPLAS provides you the solution.

We have an analysis solution for every space!
Our lastest project included the equipment of the sales room of a running shoe store with a 20 meter running track with a two meter pressure distribution plate and a high speed camera. Barefoot and running analyses are performed to provide specialist advice to find the right shoe.

You don´t have that much space? No problem!
Use a treadmill – either with or without pressure distribution – and high speed cameras for your TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS or TEMPLO® RETAIL RUNNING ANALYSIS.

Benefit from:

  • efficient and user-friendly workflow
  • markerless tracking
  • integrated customer database
  • user-defined and comprehensive reports
  • stationary and mobile solutions
Einsatzgebiete der Laufanalyse
Running Analysis in use

The following customers are already part of our TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS family and use the diverse possibilities of the TEMPLO® software.

Laufsport Saukel, Kempten
uses the TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS on the treadmill with 4 camera perspectives to identify causes of complaints and defictis in running style. They also used the treadmill analysis for running shoe advice.

is performing professional gait and running analysis with orthopaedic patients and athletes. With our new 2D markerless tracking and a 3 camera setup in combination with pressure distribution and EMG, they analyse joint angles and movement patterns in details.

Dr. med Kerstin Lauer, Munich
uses video-based motion analysis on the treadmill and on the gait track. With the integrated pressure distribution, force measurement and EMG, leg axis stability and incorrect positions during walking or running can be detected.

laufSinn, Ulm
uses the TEMPLO® RUNNING ANALYSIS with a treadmill and a 2 camera setup to improve running technique. With the video analysis, motion sequences or even different shoe models are quickly and efficiently compared with each other.