Small details decide on victory or defeat

Ready to create Olympic history? We have the winning solution for you!

Benefit from TEMPLO® as the central recording and analysis software.
Collect and combine precise kinematic data in the TEMPLO® software and use it for a holistic biomechanical analysis of your athlete. Extend your analysis with various external measurement technologies which are integrated in the TEMPLO® software. In this way, you obtain a comprehensive biomechanical view of your athletes.

Innovative and successful solutions
With our many years of experience and know-how in video-based motion analysis, we can support you from the planning of the setup to the installation and training of turnkey high-tech systems and long-term cooperation.

“Since the final installation of the CONTEMPLAS system, the Swim Performance Analysis is in everyday use. Coaches use these tools to give instant feedback to athletes and provide them the opportunity to adjust the technique parameter. In order to detect the small differences between the world best swimmers, every detail counts. This high performance system allows the measurement of such details and makes the difference between success and failure. By creating an elite system in collaboration with CONTEMPLAS we look already forward to the Olympic games of 2020.”

Stijn Corten – Performance Analyst, Flemish Swimming Federation