Team performance is not only the addition of individual performances.

We make the complex requirements measurable and controllable.

Our analysis systems help you to perfect the movements of your athletes – in training or in competition. 

# Our versatile analysis solutions support you ...

| Technique Analysis

Increase the technical quality of your athletes with the help of our multi-camera system from different perspectives.

  • Buzzer function enables self- and external analysis on the monitor after the execution of a performed action 
  • Live recording, retroactive recording, delayed feedback

| Tactical Analysis

Analyse individual, group and team-specific actions scene by scene using the practical start/stop function of video analysis. Use our system to replay selected moves in slow motion, still and endless loop.

  • View from different perspectives
  • Analyse relevant moves
  • Record your competitions and training sessions

| Feedback Training

Use our system to pass on direct tips to the athlete and correct incorrect movement patterns. Due to the continuous time reflection you will achieve a quick improvement of the movement.

  • Immediate feedback from the edge of the field
  • Live or delayed
  • Evaluate individual and team actions

| Markerless Tracking

Benefit from our innovative technology by adding automatic tracking intelligence:

  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Receive their biomechanically and qualitatively measurable results directly following their recordings
  • Obtain precise insight into individual data

# Benefit from ...

| 2D and 3D

Analyse in 2D or expand your setup to a comprehensive 3D analysis depending on your requirements.


With our new markerless technology, the joint centres are automatically identified and you receive your tracking data with just one click. You gain time, objectivity and measurement accuracy.


It’s up to you: Decide between a stationary setup, e.g. in your laboratory, or a mobile system with maximum flexibility.


Combine your video recordings with other measuring devices, such as force plates, EMG and complementary timing methods. 

Handball – 3D markerless 
MultiCamera System®

Volleyball – 3D markerless 
MultiCamera System®

Volleyball – 3D markerless 
MultiCamera System®

Ice hockey – 3D markerless  MultiCamera System®

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