Professional analysis systems for prevention and health promotion

With our versatile analysis systems we help you to make motion analysis in practice easier and more efficient. With our powerful video technology, you can quickly and accurately record all important movement data you need for injury prevention and health promotion. Benefit from our many years of experience in the healthcare sector and let us put together the analysis solution that is right for you.  

Benefit from...


Analyse your patients within minutes by using our fully automated tracking system.


Combine your video recordings with other measuring devices like force plates, EMG and additional time measuring methods.


Capture precise data for your objective comprehensive analysis with our various measurement systems and latest video technologies.

Start with your analysis

CONTEMPLAS offers new possibilities for a differentiated functional diagnostic view.

Dr. Peter Amelung, Head of Functional Diagnostics, Sana Kliniken Sommerfeld

Areas of application in health care

Here is analysed with our systems

Gait & running analysis


Versatile analysis system for functional examination of the musculoskeletal system and gait pattern.

  • Analyse changes in the foot, ankle, knee and the static of the leg axes 
  • Use the measurement data for the fitting of individual shoe insoles
  • Check the ACTUAL and TARGET status
Posture analysis in 2D / 3D


Holistic analysis system for measuring the body axes and assessing the posture of standing people.

  • Analyse the axial relationship of the legs
  • Identify asymmetries and muscular imbalances
  • Create individual concepts for your customers 

Workplace health promotion

The mobile analysis system for evaluating posture at the workplace.

  • Record the current work situation
  • Reduce hazards
  • Sustainable improvement through ergonomic adaptation of work equipment
Functional Screening


Analysis, documentation and visualization of functional movements through video-based analysis.

  • Detection of asymmetries and movement restrictions
  • Identify potential injury risks and inefficient movement patterns
  • Optimize training recommendations

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