Analysing Movements around the World

Like the Olympic Torch, TEMPLO® travels around the world

Whether volleyball in Cuba, rowing/boxing/swimming etc. in Germany or track and field in China – TEMPLO® supports coaches, athletes and analysts in their preparations for the Olympic Games. 

Smart Analysis for Top Athletic Performance

Many coaches use TEMPLO® in a variety of Olympic disciplines to analyze and monitor the performance of their athletes. With our user-friendly technology, you can collect objective data from your athletes and compare it to the extensive reference database.


For technique and tactical analysis Volleyball Vlaanderen disposes of a complete equipment in the hall and on the beach volleyball courts.


The indoor swimming pool in Aberdeen was equipped with a complete system for kinematic and kinetic analysis of the swimmers. The high-end system of 28 cameras offers unique analysis possibilities with up to 4 recording perspectives.


For specific sprint analysis, an indoor sprint track was set up at the HPTRC in Luxembourg. A photo cell system, cameras and a starting block with integrated force plates provides the coaching team a deep insight into the sprint behavior of their athletes.