We would like to use the beginning of the year to put the changes and events at CONTEMPLAS in 2021 into numbers.


deliveries to CONTEMPLAS new customers.


increase in our CONTEMPLAS Team.


Online – meetings with new customers/clients and partners.

> 4000

licenses are in use by our customers worldwide.

Everything we achieved was a perfect combination of an excellent team, super partners and wonderful customers.

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Online - Webinar: Preview of version 2022

Join our live webinar together with the Vicon team on Wednesday, February 16th, 2022 at 5pm.

In this webinar we introduce you to the CONTEMPLAS team and our wide product portfolio around the TEMPLO® software. What awaits you will be a afternoon full of the latest features in our Markerless Tracking in 2D and 3D Motion Analysis. Get a preview of upcoming developments and discover unlimited possibilities for your motion analysis.

We look forward to welcoming you virtually soon!