TEMPLO® ERGONOMICS - the basis for healthy work

Ergonomics at work – an often underestimated topic.
Did you know that workers spend an average of more than 7.5 hours a day sitting, whether in the office at the desk, in the home office, on the couch or even in the car? Reduce disruptions in the business process by ergonomically adapting work equipment to avoid work-related illnesses and downtime.

With TEMPLO® Ergonomics you can quickly screen the current work situation. Analyse objectively and improve hazards sustainably for higher productivity, better quality and increased motivation of your employees.

Analyse from anywhere
Capture the workplace with the mobile setup on site or import photos from the home office workplace into your TEMPLO® database for analysis. Have the home office analysed simply and contact-free by photo in the current situation.

You are already using TEMPLO Software?
Add the TEMPLO® Ergonomics module to your existing software package and start analysing your workplace right away.