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GermanTech is a leading provider of German based technical products and services.

Based on its close cooperation with German manufacturers and on its intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese market, German Tech is able to offer a wide range of reliable products and business solutions.

GermanTech is the sole agent of ORMED, ZIMMER Elektromedizin, ERGO-FIT, WOODWAY, HAIDER BIOSWING, NORSK and MEDICA in China.

GermanTech,德国泰安技术有限公司,致力于推动康复事业的发展,是德国康复医学领域领先品牌的独家代理,这些知名品牌包括:Contemplas, ORMED, MEDICA Medizintechnik, ZIMMER Medizinsysteme, Haider BIOSWING, ERGO-FIT, UNBESCHEIDEN, WOODWAY, NORSK, HITADO, MECHATRONIC, COMPEX 以及 ISOMED等.

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